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One widower noted that men are not "naturally chatty" and do not ask for help easily.

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They found this emotion to be nearly all-consuming when not with family or work colleagues.

One adult child commented about her father: After my mother passed away, he was very shut down, almost dark and extremely depressed. Participants discussed the demonstration of grief through crying.

It was helpful for friends, family, and associates to be patient while the widower worked through his grief and not expect the grief to be resolved in a finite period of time.

Some widowers asked for physical and emotional assistance.

Colleagues in the work place were seen as a strong source of support. Four lived with family; 3 of these were families with young children.

One moved in with children and became the care receiver. One widower traveled with his children at their invitation. One widower talked of the support he received from a long-time best friend.

Although I had some good male friends, I just didn't feel like I could go over and say, "Let's have a piece of cake and a good cry." It is hard to go to someone's house and say "I really need to talk about the death of my wife." You know, guys just don't do that.

So, I ended up working out a lot of things on my own.

One widower spent time with his own siblings and visiting his children. Another widower noted that it is difficult to talk to male friends about the grief experience.

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