Bosnian pyramids carbon dating

Today’s concrete has a hardness of 10 to 60 Mpa while the concrete used at the Pyramid of the Sun measures at 73 Mpa.

Radio carbon dating has given us mind-blowing results.

Between the concrete blocks used to build the Pyramid of the Sun, the archaeologist working on the excavations were fortunate to find two fossilised leaves.

The pyramid was built in Visoko to amplify the existing natural sources of energy (click here to read the etymology of the word pyramid).

The Visoko valley demonstrates high levels of energy.

During the pyramid construction the wind blew leaves that were covered with the top block of concretes and trapped inside.

The scientist estimated that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun was built around 32,000BC.

Osmanagic whose opposition felt silent after being confronted with a growing body of evidence.

Critics whom often ferociously attacked the research project in 20 seem completely withdrawn and its almost impossible to hear publicly anyone saying that the Bosnian pyramids are a natural phenomena.

Under most old Egyptian, Chinese and Mexican pyramids archaeologists have discovered a network of tunnels.

The network of tunnels under the Bosnian pyramids seems to be the most extensive ever discovered; extending for tens of kilometers.

During the past years Osmanagic feverishly sought some organic material on the pyramids for radiocarbon dating in order to be able to determine the approximate age of the structures.

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