No sign in dating s - Boyfriend dating another girl

That said, here's why I don't think you should get worked up about the situation.

First, I wouldn't read very much into the Valentine's Day gift.

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Why should he have to just grin and bear it so they don't feel uncomfortable?

But I think it's his problem to handle since it's his living situation.

Our reader is facing a little V-Day drama with another woman in her boyfriend's life, and she's not feeling all hearts and roses about it. She writes: My boyfriend, "Carl", and I have been dating for a year and a half.

He has always been committed to me, and I trust him, but I think his roommate's girlfriend crosses the line all the time.

He says it's not a big deal because he loves only me, and it was just a friendly gesture. (This probably doesn't matter a lot, but we are in a long distance relationship, so any confrontation would be electronic.)*Let's start off by commiserating: In your shoes, I would most definitely be annoyed with Michelle.

Especially in a situation where she's now living with your boyfriend, she should take effort to be respectful of everyone involved: you, your boyfriend, and her own boyfriend!Carl tells me he doesn't want to cause tension between him and his roommate, so he doesn't say anything.Recently, Michelle moved in with them, and she bought my boyfriend a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day.That means it's even harder to stay calm and rational.But, I think it's rational AND fair to encourage Carl to talk to his roommates, especially about privacy in his room (knocking should be a household rule! I understand that he doesn't want to cause tension, but it's obviously causing tension for him, or he wouldn't tell you about it!Good luck and I hope you and Carl have a happy Valentine's Day with your own, non-Michelle purchased chocolates! Should our reader take things into her own hands and confront Michelle?

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