Brad womack dating women after bachelor

"Every day that goes by makes me fall in love with Brad more. I do feel like I could be his wife and that we could live happily ever after." star said he was "on cloud nine" when she arrived.

Pam directly asked Jenni if she had told Brad that she loved him yet -- a question that made Brad gasp because the answer was no. "I think that love is a huge thing," answered Jenni. Every second I spend with him, I want more." Jenni said she'd welcome a marriage proposal if Brad offered.

Pam then stole Jenni away and asked if she understood how important family was to Brad, and Jenni answered yes before Pam went in for the kill. "I'm ready to be a part of his family," said Jenni.

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De Anna was the first to arrive and have lunch with Brad's family.

Pam thought Brad and De Anna had an easy time showing their affection for each other.

Each of the Bachelor stars have followed a different path post rose-graduation.

Unlike us college grads, they didn’t get a fancy speech and pat on the back.

"This is one of the worst feelings in the whole world...

When you tell someone how you feel about them and they kind of just reject your feelings," Jenni, a 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader from Wichita, KS, said following her elimination.

Well, we know that Nick has moved on to become a men's beauty expert.

But Nick's only one in a series of 22 men who have had their romantic life aired on primetime TV, and have had to forge a life for themselves afterward.

The two then talked a lot about a lot of things, and the situation became real to both of them.

"I am falling in love with you and I do see myself marrying you," De Anna bluntly told Brad.

"I'll be crushed if he doesn't choose me," said De Anna.

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