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Consequently, numerous international companies, associations, cultural institutions, embassies and the worldwide press accumulate in Brussels and turn it into a major economic, scientific and cultural center with an international atmosphere.Also the numerous immigrants from the erstwhile Belgian colony of Congo and former guest workers from Morocco and Turkey contribute to this international atmosphere.

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There is also some prostitution but not as much as at Rue d’Aerschot.

This is one of the most expensive shopping areas of Brussels but after midnight street girls begin to stand along the footpaths in front of expensive hotels and apartment buildings.

Also night shops which supply tobacco, alcohol and snack foods and stay open until the morning hours.

A small alleyway called Rue Linné also has a few shops and windows active.

Brussels is the capital and residential city of the Kingdom of Belgium (beginning with the independence of Belgium in 1830).

In Brussels you can find among other things the headquarters of the European Union and the registered offices of the NATO headquarters and the WCO.You can carry it in the pocket of your jacket and even if you don't use it, you should feel safer.On the map below you can see the Brussels prostitution area.Dressed in short skirts and high heels, they prefer to go directly to customers rather than wait in a shop window.This street is well lighted and there are a lot of people walking back to their accommodation at the end of the night so it is a bit safer here. But they are rarely pretty and the risk of disease is really high.The red light district in Brussels is compact and isn't as prominent as RLD in Amsterdam.

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