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Go old-school for a picnic by the water body at the Botanic Gardens – prepare your own home-cooked meal, or if you can’t cook, just buy some food of your own for your own self-made pot-luck with your S. Don’t forget to bring some bread to feed the swans and ducks in the pond!Although rather clichéd, Singapore does have many picturesque spots that are rather hidden, and not known by many.Check out our list and reviews of each of the 50 places so you’ll know where to head to with your beau. Order a few dishes to share with your beau, so that the two of you can try more things, and spend less in total. Check out our article on café hopping in Tiong Bahru.

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Budget dating ideas singapore

Of course, it doesn’t have to strictly be these two places, you could simply take a stroll along your neighbourhood, and who knows – you may find a hidden picturesque place the two of you hold close to your hearts.

Wanna relive some of your old childhood memories, or just try out new games with your S. Go to The Mind Café, where they have tons upon tons of board games for the two of you to play – from silly trivia games, to heavy strategy games that’ll have you thinking hour over hour – we guarantee that the two of you will have a blast. Bring along your couple friends for a double, or triple date, and get playing.

Get familiar with the cosmos and stars to enjoy a romantic stargazing session with your beau at the Singapore Science Centre Observatory.

Sure, this might not be super romantic, but it sure will be fun!

Simply ogle at the weird, and perhaps too cute looking food, or just soak in the altogether weird experience with your bae.

Plus, there’s always a merch section where you can get a themed item of your choice for yourself, or your beau, as well as a photo booth area for the two of you to get a Never thought of going to touristy sites as locals yourselves?

Not so interested in traditional, old-school board games?

Either play some video games at home, or if you don’t have consoles at home, go to Play Nation, a video game café, get competitive, and have a blast. Get yourself some snacks from the snack bar or café!

You know what Singaporeans like to complain about: there’s nothing to do in Singapore! After all, being a small country, it often means that we have limited things to do. Here’s our list of 38 date ideas, for those tired and sick of the usual dinner-movie date routine. Round up your friends for these activities – why not? Make your romantic date an extra special one by doing these on a cruise.

A walk along the beach to watch the sunset or a dinner at a fine-dining restaurant? This can be effortlessly planned if you set sail with Royal Albatross, Singapore’s only Luxury Tall Ship and the largest charter yacht.

Hop by bars that hold trivia nights, enjoy a pint or two, while testing each other’s (combined) wits!

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