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You can get form submissions by email (plain-text or rich-text format, to multiple recipients), view each form response online or download a PDF, get an Excel spreadsheet with aggregated form responses, or even get condensed form submissions by Twitter Messages or have form excerpts posted to Twitter.We've built a number of example forms that you can try out: a feedback form using basic input fields, an online survey form featuring all types of input fields, and a file upload form.With a simple link, you can let anyone access your form from Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

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Form Smarts integrates all form processing components — form builder, form processing backend, cloud storage, unobtrusive form spam protection, payment integration — so you can create online forms in the fastest and easiest possible way. Form Smarts supports the whole set of HTML from controls: one line & multi-line text box, drop-down list, radio button, and check-box.

We've also added other useful widget: a date picker, a geo-localized country selector, a checkbox list control, an inline agreement/waiver viewer and an electronic signature widget. That means you don't even need to own a website to enjoy web forms.

We've also created several payment forms that integrate with Pay Pal. Visit the Form Publishing Options screen of the Online Form Builder to get a code snippet and instructions to integrate a form into Facebook.

You can also simply post your online form's URL on Facebook.

Business is our business-grade online form service, for users who need a rich set of features, a high resource quota and personalized support.

Business is available in several levels depending on your needs; Business Starter, Business Plus, Business Max and Business Premier.Form Smarts is a cloud-based online form service that lets you create forms, publish them online, and get form results.We provide several ways to share your forms with Internet users and receive form responses.Form Smarts also allows you to view submitted form data online or download a PDF report for individual form submissions.Integrate your website, database or any web app with the Form Smarts platform using our web API.This allows you to harness the power of social networks to engage your user community, for example when signing up delegates for an events.

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