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The old site would live on at least for a time, accessible only by IP address, in case we end up forgetting something. I plan to set it up on the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, but AWS has all sorts of its own services that might be better for discord.This is something I've actually done twice before now, with a similar stack, and I figure if I don't do it, nobody ever will. I'm really keen on this idea, but can't offer much. Edit: For further discussions (if we decide to do this), since SM isn't great for quick back and forth conversing, should we set up another group on something like discord? It'd also be possible to set up a system for uploading large files using your SM login, then have the files stored on S3.Is it possible to update the software while keeping all 16 years of posting history?

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I don't want to be overly critical, or give away too much to people who we'd prefer not have that info, but this software would have been outdated a decade ago, and won't even run on newer systems. (PM me for details ) I wouldn't expect anything upfront, but I should be able to put something together.

This site runs on Linode, which, unsurprisingly, is an old-school host.

I checked around a bit, and php BB is an early forum software package that's still going strong, and seems familiar. A bunch of php code would need to be rewritten so that links stay working from outside this site.

The theme would have to be remade for php BB, and a lot of the text would have to have its tags edited.

Obviously I don't want to start work on it unless people are onboard.

I really don't want things to reach the point where there's nobody in the world that's familiar with the software that this board uses to run.

What I'd do, is to do a database dump, import it into an SQL database on a new server, then write a bunch of scripts to convert the old database to match the format of the new one, and make sure everything is linked properly.

When everyone is satisfied with how the new site looks, I'd do a final database dump, run all the scripts again on the most recent data, then switch the DNS servers over to the new IP address.

Edit: Call me amateur (that's fine) but what does LTS and AWS stand for?

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