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There are a couple of reasons why the connection to your Foscam is not working. You may have set up your remote address with an IP address (numbers and periods) instead of a dynamic DNS address (DDNS) and your remote IP address has changed. You MUST visit that address from a computer or device on the same network as the camera for valid results. Or you may have set up your remote address with a DDNS address, but the DDNS address is not being updated by a client.

Version 2.0.317.0 - Added Windows 10 Mobile support, and bug fixes.

Version 2.0.323.0 - Added changing camera configuration for Foscam 8910 cameras.

I then put in the access URL as described, but seem to be getting nowhere.

The preview area shows nothing and the area at the bottom of the configuration dialog (this is on OS X, by the way) shows no error or information messages.

Version 2.0.430.0 - Auto-hide camera function list when not in use. Have tried reseting the apps & the store with no success.

Trying to upgrade again gives me "you already own this" from the store.

Version 2.0.327.0 - Improved compatibility with Foscam HD cameras. The Display is not in HD format so everything looks munched up and out of proportion.

Version 2.0.417.0 - Added MJPEG URL auto-detection. There is no zoom that I can find and there is also no record or talk or microphone listen mode. I paid for the ' Pro' upgrade, but now on all of my devices it thinks I'm using the free version.

Login to the camera’s web interface and check that the DDNS service is running.

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