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The Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that a person cannot be discriminated against because of their gender.

In addition, the Supreme Court of Canada has repeatedly ruled that individuals in Canada cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation either.

But it allows any two persons to marry through the reading of the banns.

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Some provinces have set up dedicated domestic violence courts, victim/witness assistance programs, and mandatory counselling for offenders.

Child abuse is the violence, mistreatment or neglect that a child or adolescent may experience while in the care of someone they either trust or depend on, such as a parent, sibling, other relative, caregiver or guardian.

The banns are a series of announcements made during a religious service on three successive weeks that the couple plans to marry.

Members of the congregation are asked whether there is any legal reason why they should not be married.

Section 92 says that the actual "solemnization of marriage" is the responsibility of the individual province.

Thus, the federal government defines who can get married.

"The reality is," wrote Mc Lachlin, that without such a defence, Canada's "broad assault law would criminalize force falling far short of what we think of as corporal punishment, like placing an unwilling child in a chair for a five-minute "time-out." Child welfare laws require that all cases of suspected child abuse must be investigated to determine if a child is in need of protection. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (1994): vol. The Department of National Health and Welfare has categorized abuse and neglect as follows: Studies of elder abuse have reported prevalence rates from 1% to 4%.

If a child is determined to be in need of protection, the child welfare authorities are able to: Stalking is dealt with under the criminal harassment provisions of section 264 of Canada's Criminal Code. However, estimates as high as 10% have been claimed.

Charges will be laid in all spousal abuse cases where reasonable grounds to charge exist.

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