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YWCAYWCA is an organization that provides a wealth of information, resources, and assistance to single mothers.Their mission is to be a turning point for women, and they are equipped with up-t0-date information about legal issues, shelters, child care, employment assistance and more!

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I highly suggest you read it in detail, but basically this form makes it possible for you, as a taxpayer, to reduce monthly income tax if you have considerable ongoing expenses (such as childcare or ongoing medical expenses).

You can apply to split the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) savings during your separation or divorce.

While getting food assistance might not be something you are comfortable with, it really helps and is a great help available to you and your children. While the amounts of financial assistance you will receive will vary depending on your province, this benefit is invaluable to all single moms.

There is usually a wait to received this subsidy, so make sure to apply as soon as possible.

I suggest applying to Legal Aid immediately after you separate from your spouse.

There is a large variety of food assistance programs available in each province to single mothers.

Grants available to single mothers in Canada divide into two categories: federal and provincial.

In order to qualify to receive these grants and benefits, you need to be the parent of the child who lives with him/her and is the person primarily responsible for his/her care and education.

However, if you become a single mother at any point in the year you should apply for available grants right away.

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