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Sooner or later u guys will understand each othersome poster wrote "you said he opens the door for you and all that, tell him to be real with you cos I doubt if he is being genuine in that aspect"most Nigerian men who have imbibed the western culture do open house and car doors for thier spouses,i guess it buttresses the saying,when you are in Rome you behave like romans. @Capri As for his further studies,trust me,nigerian men are good at pursuing thier dreams. Give him all the support and understanding he deserves, Nigerians are not all monsters and fraudstars like the world media claims,though we got some awful bad eggs,just like every other nation. We aint only hard working,we are about the most read in the Black world,ever heard of Soyinka, Achebe, Philips Emegwali? You are in safe hands,but thread "carefully normally" too,when he bcomes pretty free with you as well,he ll open up on any issue, Relationship and open communication gets deeper with time worldover.

be a lil patient with him cos white folks and black folks have different cultural backgrounds.

I'm sure his being patient with u cos ure white too.

And I do praise him because he has a job that he works very hard at and he also returned to university at 33 years old to better his life, so he doesn't sleep alot and is always at work or school, what little spare time he has is for me, I always let him know that I am impressed and proud of him for working so hard to improve his future.

I don't expect anything from him because I am quite capable of getting anything I want for myself, so maybe that is why he tries so hard to make me treat him like a normal guy and use ur discretion.

but you will definitely have a great time with him and i say this because we Nigerian guys are the bomb!!

@poster, Nigerian men are very very simple and cool headed only if the partner can be good enough to bring out the best in us.I can tell you that it is very possible that he genuinely does that contrary to what that posting may have insinuated.A true gentleman who knows how to treat a lady he cares about will definitely open the doors, pull your chair, and a lot more so it is very possible this is very genuine.This is from my personal experience and what I have seen here.Now, that Nigerian men are not romantic, I believe everyone is different and I can tell you I know ladies who have a contrary opinion. Pls make sure U r not over-possesive towards him and U r ready to come to Nigeria to visit his family (i.e if U eventually marry him) if he requests so. 142Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.Nigerian men love ladies who are easygoing and humble.

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