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I promise to never approve of any boy you like because they will never be good enough for my baby girl.

Sorry I can’t promise that I won’t embarrass you because I will give you so many kisses at every school drop off.

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Cassie Ventura previously was in a relationship with former boyfriend Ryan Leslie from 2004 to 2007.d Currently, news has it that Cassie is in a relationship with boyfriend Alex Fine and they are expecting.

They posted this on Instagram, where Fine wrote of his great affection to the mother of his baby.

I promise that I will be kind, sweet, and you will always be daddy’s little girl.

I promise to love you every single second unconditionally until my last breath. Her body weight stands at 121lbs, which is equivalent to 55kg.

I never thought my heart could grow bigger after meeting your mother…

then I found out we were having you and I instantly felt a love that is so indescribable.Cassandra Elizabeth Ventura as her name goes is one of the famous American singer, dancer, actress, and model but she is better known as Cassie.Her most notable work has been the song ‘Me and U’ led by Diddy.I will always listen and put the both of you first.I will show you a healthy relationship and how you deserve to be treated.I promise to be at every dance recital, concert, sporting event, school plays whatever you decide to do I will be there and support you.

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