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We use Html View Define to arrange the columns in 2-row display. You can work around it by using the View Cell Formatting event: Hello Jack, Regarding: 1.

Hi everyone, I have the current situation, I have get done with the datagridview cellvalidation, but, I need that after the validation get's done, to set different columns values on the same datagridview.

Dias_Asueto Then Msg Box("Los dias correspondientes son " & Dias_Asueto) e.

Here is a sample: Here, we access new row cell values by using the Data Row Info property, which contains the row that is being added.

However, when there is an active editor, its value is not yet saved and you should use Active Editor property to get the actual value.

Normally, the Error Text will be cleared after the user corrects the value.

Sometimes the user will just press Esc key to cancel the input value, in this case the Cell Validating event won't get fired and the Error Text will remain shown on the Row Header Column. We often have many columns to be shown in the grid and the user can use horizontal scroll bar to scroll to the region (s)he likes.However, you can handle Cell End Edit event in this case and reset the Error Text property. The grid allows the row to be added into the grid w/o text in these two columns.Since I am using the Data Source as SQL data table It will get a data error when I try to update. After more testing I wanted to let you know that on the new row the Hi NORIS, This exception should not appear when using our latest release - Q2 2009 SP1.Cancel = True else 'here I was thinking on something like Data Grid View Text Box Column7.value = 60 and so on, but none of this works. When user inputs an invalid value for a cell, we can use Error Text to show an error message in the Row Header Column.I admit that this is a little unintuitive and we will improve our API in one of our upcoming releases.

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