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For most products, you can also arrange shipment to an Apple Repair Center when you're ready. Most Apple products come with 90 days of complimentary phone support and a one-year limited warranty.

Dimension A - 1.975"Dimension B - .990"Dimension C - .310" For Case-IH discs 470, 475, 480, 485, 490, 496, 501, 610, 760, 770 with SH465493 hub and 1-3/4" diameter spindle.

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If you use an accessibility feature or assistive technology, you can get direct access to Apple representatives who are trained in providing support using accessibility services.

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Dust mites have white, oval-shaped bodies with eight legs.

Throughout most of their lives they remain invisible to the naked eye and can be observed only through microscopes.

We are committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive range of products and services, in particular, to the Foundry and Aerospace Industries.

Find a local Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store with a Genius Bar. For mobile carrier plans and billing or network issues, contact your mobile carrier.

Carpets, upholstered furniture and cotton draperies are not advised for the home of asthma patients.

Leather is usually used as an alternative to textiles.

Few laboratories posses the knowledge and equipment required for the proper identification of those arachnids.

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