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Tinder's popularity probably has a lot to do with its ease of use, and it seems just as easy for bots to use, too.

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Since the bot's responses are scripted, they won't answer your questions directly.

That's not to say that some Tinder scams don't have actual live people on the other end who engage in a real conversation with you before they scam you, but the majority of Tinder bots won't be able to hold even the simplest of conversations.

Tinder can be a really fun app for meeting new people, especially if your profile is optimized to match you with like-minded people. Because of that, one big tip-off is that as soon as you get "matched" to a bot, they're going to message you, likely within microseconds.

Just make sure you recognize the warning signs below and don't fall head over heels for a bot. Is it possible that it's a real person who's just really eager to chat with you?

Spa treatments, including but not limited to, massages, body treatments, facials and nail services are all available for guests 18 years and older.

Supervision from a legal parent or guardian of the same gender is required for admission and for spa treatments for guests 16 or 17 years of age.Please give your therapist some feedback about your preferred level of pressure or areas of your body that need special attention.Gratuity is not included in the price of a treatment unless otherwise stated.This could be in the form of a weird looking URL that you're afraid to click because you don't recognize any of the characters.Or maybe it's a short URL that's disguising the real thing.Your regular Tinder profile has several images of everyday-looking pictures, but a bot's profile has very professional looking images because, again, they probably swiped them from a professional's page.

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