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They will likely stare at you, smile, wave, and some may even come up to you.

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Bangkok, Pattaya, and even Phuket may be more known for their flashy nightlife and great sexpat opportunities.

This town seems to be more popular with those who are looking to enjoy the great natural beauty that it offers.

Instead there might be a couple trans working at a Go Go or a few beer bars but they aren’t full on ladyboy bars.

The bars work the same as in the other cities, if you find one you like you need to pay a barfine to allow them to leave the bar.

Remember that when searching for transgenders online in Thailand the local slang is kathoey or katoey.

There really aren’t any full on ladyboy Go Go’s in Chiang Mai like you find in other cities in Thailand.

Unfortunately they are pretty much all sex workers and guys who are looking for dating or a life partner aren’t likely to find one at them.

Starting a relationship with a Thai bar girl is fool hearty, and it is no different when it comes to transsexual sex workers.

They aren’t the right type for starting a relationship with, but don’t worry those are coming soon.

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