chicken soup for the dating soul - Chinese mail online dating

The quality of domestic beaus naturally factors in, setting the girls of China to push their luck as mail order brides.

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A bride from China is trained to become a good housewife by her parents.

Girls here are expected to enter a marital relationship in their early twenties or even as teens, so by the age of 20, a woman is an experienced caregiver.

Chinese ladies can be very beautiful, and there is no overriding this fact.

Their exotic appearance, enigmatic grace, and sophistication make them almost ethereal – it does not come as a surprise therefore that millions of men from developed countries are pushing their luck in search of hot Chinese girls on dating sites with mail-order brides.

They stick with you through all the hardships and are highly motivated to help you cope with problems (they may well be the cause of some, but more on this later!

), they are great lovers and they are undeniably beautiful – as long as you are into Asian looks!

Be prepared to enter a competition with a significant (Chinese women are demographically outnumbered by 33.6 million men) surplus of native wooers.

It speaks volumes about the quality of these latter that “dating school for men” have been making a fortune teaching Chinese men the game.

Traditionally, the marriage institution in China was established for the sake of convenience and was but an arrangement between the families of the bride- and groom-to-be.

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