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Paul, Andre Roberson, Danilo Gallinari, Steven Adams, Nerlens Noel, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander...that's a legitimate NBA rotation with a bunch of guys who can either shoot or rim run and defend around Paul.

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According to ESPN, Rondo denied spitting at Paul, indicating the mouthguard he was wearing would have made spitting very difficult, while Lakers coach Luke Walton denied the guard had indeed spat at the Rockets point guard.

However, Rob Perez, the co-host of the popular #Spit Gate FINALAfter barking something, Melo licks his lips twice same time as Chris Paul wipes his face.

Chris Paul, popularly known by his nickname ‘CP3’ is an American Basketball Player.

As a player of great wit, exceptional play and incredible style, he is unarguably one of NBA’s top-ranking stars who continues to make groundbreaking achievements and accomplishments.

Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma could potentially move into the lineup in place of Rondo and Ingram, but there will still be a lack of depth.

There's a perk or two of not being in the NBA Finals - you can wine & dine with your fellow baller couple friends however much you please.

So Chris Paul is a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I'm just saying it out loud again so we can all reckon with this fact because apparently he could be there longer than anyone initially expected.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst discussed the situation on his "While I have been told that Oklahoma City and Miami haven't like had any formal talks about a Chris Paul trade, they obviously had talks about the Russell Westbrook trade and what I heard about that was one of the conversations that happened in that negotiation before the Houston deal happened, the Thunder had been willing to discuss giving the Heat back their 2021 and maybe even their 2023 picks as part of the deal.

But they wanted the 20 picks they got back from Houston unprotected and I think they wanted pick swaps too."The Heat are the only team with the combination of desperation and contracts that can logically make a deal right now. 15, when contracts signed this summer can be traded. Well, first of all, the Thunder are probably going to be better than anyone expects at the start of the season.

NBA investigating tonight’s on-court altercations ahead of Rockets/Clippers on Sunday.— Shams Charania (@Shams Charania) October 21, 2018An eyewitness told @thelasentinel Ramon Rondo’s significant other shoved Jada Paul, Chris Paul’s wife, who was sitting next to Savannah James. Jones (@Lo Jo Media) October 21, 2018While the off-court shenanigans are yet to be dealt with, the NBA swiftly handed out punishment to the players.

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