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But I’ve also heard the moans of many who are dating, agonizing over whether their dates are “spiritually mature” enough, pure enough, love God enough.

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Somehow, our dinner conversation turned to the value of watching porn to learn about sexual needs and proclivities.

My friends talked about letting go of shame and enjoying the freedom to explore and experiment.

By then I had read his best-selling book, and I was surprised to hear him say he wouldn’t recommend his book to his own teenage kids.

The younger Harris who penned , which sold more than 1.2 million copies and inspired many young millennials to swear off dating, had seemed so convinced that he was right, so assured that the type of courtship he prescribed was the most Biblical path to marriage.

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I’ve figured out a quick and easy way for WORLD to instantly boost its following from Christian millennials.

Thanks to modern technology, we millennials derive information and influence from all sorts of political and religious spheres.

But that bombardment of material also disorients us: Who’s right, who’s wrong?

And what about sex -- Why say no when your body is screaming yes?

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