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Apollinaris further taught that the souls of men were propagated by other souls, as well as their bodies.

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This was formally resolved after much debate by the Ecumenical Councils of 431, 451 and 680 (Ephesus, Chalcedon & Constantinople III).

Belief that Jesus had a human body and lower soul (the seat of the emotions) but a divine mind.

A similar overlapping occurred in medieval scholasticism.

Heresy is understood today to mean the denial of revealed truth as taught by the Church.

With time, some of these views were seen as inadequate.

He went on to attribute the definition of "orthodoxy" to the increasing power and influence of the Church of Rome.

Arius was first pronounced a heretic at the First Council of Nicea, he was later exonerated as a result of imperial pressure and finally declared a heretic after his death.

The heresy was finally resolved in 381 by the First Council of Constantinople.

The Catholic Church makes a distinction between 'material' and 'formal' heresy.

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