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Nielsen says that fathers can help daughters build confidence in themselves, and that this confidence serves them well when selecting their partners.Girls who grow up “hungry for a better and deeper relationship with their fathers,” she says, often try to satiate that hunger “very quickly, with the first guys that come along.”Very little research has been done on these issues as they pertain to lesbian daughters or same-sex parents, but other studies have found that sons are prone to conflict-heavy relationships in their teens when raised by a single mother (and children, of course, can have a hard time without a present mother as well).One lesson Lange took away from his upbringing, he told me, is that “actions speak louder than words—people were willing to [make] a lifetime commitment but not willing to back it up.” Until he joined the Navy and met the fellow sailor who would become his wife, he was reasonably sure he’d never get married or have kids.

In a 1999 paper, Wolfinger theorized about why this might be happening.

One possibility is that as divorce became more common, the stigma attached to it started to fall away.

The Lange brothers illustrate a central and sometimes confounding feature of research on family relationships: The way a given household’s dynamics will affect different family members is usually difficult to predict.

“People respond in surprisingly diverse ways to a wide variety of life events and acute stressors,” explains a 2013 report called “The Trouble With Averages” from the Council on Contemporary Families, a nonpartisan research consortium.

And so you bounce.”One other (albeit minor) factor is genetics.

By way of explanation, Wolfinger talked through a hypothetical generation-spanning chain of assholery: “Some people are jerks, and there is some component of being a jerk that appears to be purely genetic.

This would matter in the sense that the shame children of divorce were made to feel in earlier eras might have inhibited their peer and family relationships.

This in turn could have deprived them of social skills in a way that might have increased their likelihood of getting divorced later in life.

So: You’re a jerk, you get married, you have a kid, you don't stay married—because you’re a dick—your kid inherits some of the genetic propensity to be a jerk.

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