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In 1995, the Christian Research Association began working with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs and a range of academics to produce a series of books on the various religious communities in Australia.Twelve books were produced covering the Anglican, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Hindu and Sikh, Jewish, Lutheran, Muslim, Pentecostal, Presbyterian and Uniting Church communities.The report states: "Conservatively interpreted, the surveys show that around 4 per cent of young people read the Bible daily, another 6 per cent read it weekly, and 15 to 20 per cent read it very occasionally." In September 2010, the Christian Research Association invited the leaders of all Christian denominations to gather for a consideration of the overview of the role of church and faith in the Australian context.

Christian research on young people dating

Those ‘left behind’ described feeling more and more isolated even within churches where they were well established.

They hadn’t changed, but around them it felt like everyone else had and there was no-one left to share a house or go on holiday with.

Christianity is a big part of her life and plays a role in so many areas — especially dating, since she’s single.

According to International Business Times, my friend is just one of over 2 billion Christians in the world, and those who are single need a place to turn to where they can meet people who are like-minded and have similar ideals.

The Christian Research Association (CRA) was founded in 1985 to study the Christian faith in Australia.

Its work consists of major research projects which have focussed on overviews of research on spirituality and religion in relation to Australian culture, and contract research for Christian organisations, including local reports based on Australian Census data.

Other work has centred on Australian values and the place that spirituality has in relation to other values.

The Christian Research Association has argued that there are four major orientations in values on which Australians vary: the relative importance of order, of self-enhancement, of social enhancement, and spirituality.

Several described being normal in their early twenties, often part of a close friendship group, even a pseudo-family (ala Friends/ Big Bang Theory etc).

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