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Robot and had no idea what was going on, even after reading all the Wiki entries about it.

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Maybe he's just trying to protect his significant other from the inevitable legion of heartbroken and angry fans who would be extremely disappointed were they to find out he was cuffed up.

In 2012, during the filming of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, fans linked him to co-star Angela Sarafyan, according to Vulture.

However, her first boyfriend is reported to be a famous American actor and producer named Christian Slater.

They reportedly first met on the set of the movie Both the couple seemed to be linked up romantically with each other.

Samantha Mathis didn't stop here, and just after a year of Phonix's death, she was found romantically linked up with a British actor Christian Bale in 1994 but just after a few months of dating they separated without sighting any reason.

Besides these, Samantha was also rumored to be dating a musician Adam Duritz and an American actor Colin Hanks in 20 respectively.

But it seems IRL Doubleday and Malek are nothing more than good friends with great chemistry on-screen.

Besides the easy rumors about Malek dating his co-stars, it doesn't seem like there has been much love in Malek's life.

The actress has always been uptight about her personal life, hence most of the details of her private life are still unfolded.

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