Cme phone time not updating

In the following example, we’re creating a Voice Register Directory Number (analogous to an ephone-dn in the SCCP world) with a tag of 1.The specific directory number (DN) is 4001, and we’ve given this DN a name of BR2 Phone 1.BR2#conf term Enter configuration commands, one per line. BR2(config)#voice service voip BR2(conf-voi-serv)#allow-connections sip to sip BR2(conf-voi-serv)#allow-connections sip to h323BR2(conf-voi-serv)#allow-connections h323 to sip BR2(conf-voi-serv)#sip BR2(conf-serv-sip)#bind all source-interface lo0BR2(conf-serv-sip)#registrar server BR2(conf-serv-sip)#end BR2# The voice service voip command enters the Vo IP Voice Service configuration mode.

The dtmf-relay sip-kpml command said that when we dial digits on the IP phone, those digits will be transmitted one-by-one using the Keypad Markup Language (KPML).

While many examples you’ll see use sip-notify as the DTMF Relay mechanism, I’ve personally had issues with the sip-notify approach.

Even though the 7965 can speak SIP, perhaps there’s a lab requirement for the 7965 to use SCCP.

Well, the good news is, you can configure a CUCME router to support both SIP and SCCP IP phones simultaneously.

In this example, the 9971 firmware files are in flash (as we see in the output of the show flash command).

However, these files are in the “/phones/9971” subdirectory.

This name is included with the IP phone’s caller ID information.

BR2#conf term Enter configuration commands, one per line. BR2(config)#voice register dn 1BR2(config-register-dn)#number 4001BR2(config-register-dn)#name BR2 Phone 1 Finally, here’s the connective tissue that brings it all together.

I taught the the CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice courses for over a decade and earned my Voice CCIE in 2012, and then migrated that to a Collaboration CCIE in 2014.

However, since then I’ve mainly been focused on creating video courses and books for routing and switching technologies, and I’ve been aching to get back into the voice (now “collaboration”) world.

In my testing, with the sip-notify approach, the far-end device hears an identical tone when any key is pressed.

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