Connecticut dating stamford ct

However, I'm very undecided as to where to move to.

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If at all possible it's always best to live close to work.

Although not far in distance from each other, traffic is a horror.

All fireworks displays are weather permitted, please check ahead.

Stamford Public Schools Adult & Continuing Education is committed to providing excellence in education and enrichment by offering educational opportunities that meet the need of the community.

There are times you're going to be going to work in bad weather, or called in on an emergency basis, etc. For $ 2200 you can get a new/newer apartment in a building/complex with amenities Good luckthanks to both stylo and willow wind for replying...

any additional thoughts by those of you who know more than i do about the two cities would still be appreciated.I'd really like to keep my professional and private lives separate, and so although I'll likely make friends at work, I don't want to have them as my social support.The problem is I don't know a single soul in Stamford, or any part of Connecticut for that matter. So, what are my options, in terms of social settings in Stamford? I'm 32 and am finally finishing up my training as an emergency medicine doctor. I've lived/worked in the Bronx for 4 years now, and will be working in Stamford, CT, starting in July (2013).You can live in a perfectly nice 1BR apartment for 00 a month in downtown Stamford. I think you're right about being more conservative with my rent.Do you have any recommendations about good, less expensive (high rise) buildings to live in, in Stamford? Population White Plains 57,000 /- Population Stamford 124,000 /- You'll like Stamford.- Yes, lots of young professionals, lots to do .Attending classes is a terrific way to expand ones knowledge while meeting people with similar interests and networking. STAMFORD ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACADEMY Our newest offering under our Continuing Education program is the Stamford English Language Academy (SELA).

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