Conservative republican dating

This has led to conservatives claiming they’re being discriminated against.

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But the rise of dating options based on personal ideology is a reflection of both segmented marketing and the polarization of the public in a time of political strife.

Recent polling found 45% of Democrats saying they would be unhappy if their child married a Republican, while 35% percent of Republicans felt they would be unhappy if their child married a Democrat.

And for many single people out there now, Republican positions which slight women and scapegoat people of color, as part of an overall support of the Trump presidency, is a level of stupid too far.

This has been a problem for lonely conservatives seeking love since even before Trump assuming the presidency.

According to a survey done by the dating/hookup app Tinder, 71 percent of online daters and 66 percent of singles who meetup the old-fashioned way in person consider conflicting political ideology a dealbreaker for a relationship.

About a year ago, there was a story about young staffers in the Trump administration who claimed they had to hide their affiliation with the president when talking to potential dates.

About ten-years-ago, I went out on a date with a beautiful woman, who had a B. degree in chemistry, and for most of the night things seemed great.

But in the middle of dinner, she started telling me about how fluoride calcifies the pineal gland in the brain, is used as a control on the population, and blocks humanity from experiencing spiritual elevation.

Like with all things, instead of this reaction giving conservatives pause, taking a moment of self-reflection, and wondering whether maybe they’re the “baddies,” the right-wing instead whines about “discrimination” because people swiped left, paints themselves as victims of “intolerant” so-called-tolerant liberals, and wall themselves off in their own gated communities.

In this case, the gated communities are dating apps meant to appeal only to conservatives.

Conventional wisdom holds a relationship is based upon common interests.

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