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Note: The functional currency affects foreign exchange translation, but it does not limit reporting in different currencies.GP has two other types of currencies, reporting and originating that can always be used to view transactions and reports in the currency of your choice.This site uses cookies to provide you with a more responsive and personalised service.

Simply put, the more assets or liabilities the company has that are denominated in a foreign currency, the greater the translation risk.

Ultimately, for financial reporting, the parent company will report its assets and liabilities in its home currency.

At month end, a revaluation process can be run to calculate and book any unrealized gain or loss (for example on outstanding receivables).

When the subsidiary is rolled up in Company A’s consolidated financial statements, no foreign exchange differences are recorded as the company is already in CAD.

Usually it’s a simple process, but when the company is a foreign operation of a larger organization, and needs to be rolled up as part of a consolidated set of financial statements, it can get tricky. Company A is a Canadian company that issues its financial statements in CAD. If Company B is integrated the functional currency should be set as CAD.

Company B is a Company A subsidiary and that operates in the U. Here’s how it would work in GP: For all USD and other non-CAD transactions, GP will look for an exchange rate between that currency and CAD and calculate the amount in CAD.

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Determining the functional currency for a company is one of the most important steps of company setup. The answer depends on whether the Company B is integrated or self-sustaining foreign operation.

Should Company B’s functional currency be CAD or USD?

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