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#target photoshop app.bring To Front(); Document.suspend History('Remove Unused FX', 'main()'); function main() function clear Unused FX(idx) for(var z in Effects) function del Fx(fx) } function make Active By Index( idx ); function select All Layers() function get Selected Layers Idx()else return selected Layers; }; In Photoshop CS6 we added Layer Search.

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Because since CC2015 layers can have disabled effects even if you can't see them in layers panel.

Next version could be a little faster and show the statistics correctly.

The command "Clear Styles" is not sometimes available and sometimes is. Edit: I am using Progress method and clear Fx doesn't works if progressbar is shown.

And dialog shows after some time period which leads to seemingly random behavior.

Which is a problem if you work with layer comps - some of my layers are hidden for a reason and if the script suddenly switches them back on it creates a situation which takes lots of time to fix again.

@ Paul - can the script be modified so that this can be avoided (leave the layer visibilty as it was before? Hi to all of you :) just coming back from a weekend away - so I haven't been able to test the latest changes on the script. Paul I am sure it'll work - thanks a lot for your help there!!

On top of this an overall ‘Clean up file’ option could execute all of these commands, reducing a file to its current viewing state.

After working on a document I end up with hundreds of hidden layer effects that were experiments. I understand nothing form scripts but this one was very useful for me.

I guess I will build a panel using the Configurator now and integrate the script myself.

Edit: I have built a Configurator panel now which links to the script in my "../Presets/Scripts" folder (works fine).

Just like there's an option to delete all hidden layers, there should be an option to delete all hidden layer effects. Unfortunately it stopped working with the latest version of Photoshop. I created new script which does same job, but it's 10× faster and works from CS6 to CC2017.

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