Consolidating multiple domains

There are real benefits to be found in a consolidated AD environment.

A shared AD infrastructure enables user mobility, common user provisioning processes, consolidated reporting, unified management of machines, etc.

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Lower cost of operations, introduce shared services.

Against consolidation: cost attached to the project of migration of workstations and users and mostly cost attached to handle all applications and changes to those, usually there is lots of dependencies which makes it very hard This said - I want through consolidation process with large Bank in Poland but that was intra forest, colapsing 17 domains into one.

The reasons for consolidation are clear, but there are significant barriers to success. You fight proliferation of AD at every turn and realize that consolidation is not a onetime event.

The optimal design for AD is a single domain within a single forest.

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Earl Perkins ————————————————————————————- By Andrew Walls Active Directory is everywhere.

One had 140 separated forests in the same number of countries and probably three/four/eight times the amount of admins.

Identity replication, consolidation and single user access to applications where a nightmare. Other companies where "regular" mergers where they wanted to completely absorb the others.

Although this local autonomy has some benefit, the complexity produced by multiple, unique AD implementations can prevent, or drastically increase the cost of, deployments of new, enterprise wide software and work processes.

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