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It can vary so much but there’s a lot of hotels, nice bars, restaurants, long drives in the countryside, shopping trips to Selfridges (especially the Tom Ford fragrance counter), weekends away, quite evenings around the fireplace with a bottle of gin, massages, BDSM sessions...Last week, after an intense session with a client, we ordered room service and then decided to go for a late night drive through central London.Money isn’t an issue for this type of woman, and she usually wants to escape some sort of high-powered stressful job for an evening or a night.

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If I don’t feel I’m suitable for the client, I’ll let her know in the most polite way possible.

There’ll be a million tale-tale signs but it all boils down to your gut instinct.

The script I created is tailored specifically to her taste.

There’s a strong element of BDSM in there but it’s mainly about sensuality.

My hourly rate is listed on my site at £350, but I tend not to take hourly bookings as I don’t get that much pleasure from a quick random ‘shag'.

My average booking is about £1,000 for 4 hours, plus travel expenses. Most female clients tend to be very different from guys when hiring escorts. I’d say intelligent, professional, wealthy and interested in exploring their sexuality.

I don’t do submission, water sports, humiliation (giving or receiving) or anything too dark.

Kissing is definitely allowed if we have agreed to spend time together. Often the woman will instigate if you create the right atmosphere.

I’m also a single parent of a 17-year-old daughter so I like being around for her too. She had no idea what it was but she soon cottoned on after I explained, and having lived with me for the last 12 years she wasn’t particularly surprised.

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