Cost for selective online dating services

“Often forever.” If a member isn’t satisfied with the service, SEI Club offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

That’s how much confidence the company has in its abilities.

This narrows down an already small base of elite daters, but that is exactly why people choose SEI Club.

Many of these younger members marry and have children, while older members in their 50s and above can find companions for love, travel, or companionship.

“Often, older members have been married, had children, and are at a place in their lives where they have the freedom to travel and enjoy life,” said Phoebe.

To decide whether to accept an applicant, matchmakers determine if the interested single has the outlook, ambition, and relationship expectations that would make him or her an ideal match for another member.

Next, matchmakers consider a potential member’s appeal to all current members.

If a couple decides to date only one another, both individuals are taken off the SEI Club market.

“Many members stay together for a very long time,” Phoebe notes.“The right relationships have the power to make both people stronger, happier, and confident,” said Phoebe Anderson, Membership Director.“Those individuals, in turn, add their glow and positivity to the world they encounter, making the world a brighter place to live.” Because a person’s outlook, values, and beliefs can affect his or her approach to life and work, SEI Club seeks out people who are not only intelligent and insightful but who exhibit honesty, sincerity, and care about others.During this step, applicants can describe what they’re seeking in both life and love. SEI Club wants to create long-lasting relationships between elite daters.“If we can contribute to 3 million more lasting relationships within the next few years, we will be very happy,” Phoebe said.SEI Club attracts elite singles because of its track record of results and discretion.

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