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The problem is that the heart doesn’t work that way.The intimacy of romance – both physical and emotional intimacy – is one that binds two people tightly together.* For a detailed discussion of marriage as an institution, with its traditions, its norms, and its accompanying legal rights and obligations, please consult the .

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According to the world, dating is a way for singles to enjoy the comforts and pleasures of the opposite sex.

If marriage is in the picture at all, then dating is a tryout for a potential partner.

Fathers, it is your job to protect your daughters, in the face of tears, arguments, and fainting fits.

We are not given to them to be popular, or their friends, More harm comes to many of us through dating than in any other way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys with all my heart (all 6 of them), but there is something very special about my daughters that delights me like nothing else.

Their smile, their sweet innocence (relatively speaking), their desire to please me in most things that they do.

Only after repeated attempts, and many visits, would he even consider this proposal. to find out that one of their children has a boyfriend or girlfriend (usually over dinner or on the way out the door).

Somehow, over the years, we have adopted the world’s mentality that dating is simply a part of growing up, and hopefully we have taught our young people enough of the Bible to govern their actions. Obviously if we let them out that door, we have failed them and our Lord on a rather large scale.

Courtship is an event in which the man seeks for a marriage partner.

Dating is left by and large to the discretion of the teen, whereas courtship has the oversight of the parents, and more specifically the father.

Dating is “having fun” with the opposite sex with no strings attached.

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