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“ Paleontologists ever since Darwin have been searching (largely in vain) for the sequences of insensibly graded series of fossils that would stand as examples of the sort of wholesale transformation of species that Darwin envisioned as the natural product of the evolutionary process.

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“ Give me enough time and anything can happen.” This is a false statement.

It is not true, as anyone who thinks about it will agree; but it is what they want to believe.

These predominantly French ideas of the evolutionary history of the world were to flow over into Scotland and England and were further developed by men such as Dr. Erasmus Darwin, MD (1731-1802), the grandfather of Charles Darwin; Dr.

Robert Waring Darwin, MD (1766-1848), the father of Charles Darwin; and Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) Charles Darwin’s mentor. The things that these early modern day evolutionists all held in common was that they were anti-Christian, anti-creation and anti-Bible.

In three books of the New Testament (Romans 1; Acts 17; 2 Peter 3) two Apostles of the First Century Church were dealing with the scientific aspects of the various theories of evolution that they had to deal with at that time.

In Chapters 17 and 21 of the Book of Judges people are saying that if there is no God then we may do whatever we wish.

Right after World War II evolutionists were claiming that the earth was 2.5 to 3.35 billion years old.

In the mid-1970’s evolutionists were proclaiming that the earth was 4.5 to 5 billion years old.

In the Garden of Eden the deception was based upon the question of whether God really meant what He said; was God telling the truth; was God’s word trustworthy?

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