Creative dating idea

There really is nothing quite like being out on the water; it’s so peaceful.

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You can even map out an official holiday schedule, complete with attractions to see, restaurants to eat at, and the top boutiques to shop in.

To really step it up a notch, you could even book a hotel in town for the night where all the action takes place.

It will feel like you went away for a romantic weekend, but it’s only a short drive back home.

Enjoy all the luxury trimmings, without the hassle of travel.

You can treat your partner to a delicious three-course meal at the in-house restaurant, then retire to the bar for cocktails, have a bit of a dance, then enjoy a nightcap in your room surrounded by stunning interior design, and a balcony with a view.

In the morning, splurge on a relaxing couple’s treatment at the hotel spa, or enjoy a buffet breakfast followed by sunbathing by the pool.Sometimes it’s good to ditch the seriousness for a dose of silliness and revel in some good old-fashioned fun.You can make a night of it, even give it a name, and tally the scores from each game along the way.It shows that the two of us are committed and passionate about each other to save that date but also the connection and bond it establishes between us during those dates is priceless.It’s something we’re encouraged to do as families, but what about as couples?Who says hotels were only for interstate or international vacations?

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