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—.-j.- •ri Z - ~T& Alliance’s membership form state?By contrast Government ministers were in disarray over whether to attend amid charge and counter charge that Tory landown¬ ers, or even the gun lobby, had funded the demonstration.

It is an umbrella organis¬ ation for the former Countryside Movement.

The countryside is a very good area for us." The Countryside Alliance brought together 250,000 protesters for a rally against Labour's rural policies in March.

A source dose to Di Caprio said: “Vanessa is very intelligent. Leo had to pull out all the stops." Miss Ha)don is tight-lipped about (he affair, and has retreated into the bosom of her supportive family.

She has a high IQ and she is studying for a college degree. Her 81-year-old father, Charles Haydon is said to be very protective of his young daughter.

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