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I normally do ten names per list, but because it’s the last set for the year I’ve done twelve – besides, stars naturally seem to go in groups of twelve, don’t they? Arab astronomers saw this part of the sky as a pasture, with Alya representing a sheep’s tail.

The Arabs have cooked with the rich fat from a sheep’s tail for centuries, and it is still considered a delicious comfort food.

Carina also has meteor showers which peak around Australia Day, and contains the Diamond Cross, sister to the Southern Cross.

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This princess was chained naked to a rock for a sea monster to gobble, thanks to her rather stupid mother’s boasting of her beauty.

The hero Perseus, on his way home from other heroic deeds, saw her in distress, and did the traditional hero’s rescue-and-marry-damsel manoeuvre.

When Jupiter broke off one of her horns, it became the ‘”horn of plenty”, which provided its owner with whatever food they desired.

For the Boorong people of Victoria, this star was Purra, a kangaroo who is chased and killed by the twins in the constellation of Gemini; the tracks of Purra form the bed of the Wimmera River.

Andromeda is a stunning name which can easily be shortened to Andie, Annie, Meda, Mia or Romy; it will remind people of the Andromeda Galaxy, which you can see best in November from Australia, along with the constellation.

Capella Capella is a common name for the yellow star Alpha Aurigae, the brightest in the constellation Auriga (“The Charioteer”).

It might seem like calling your daughter Lard, but it fits in with the popular Aaliyah variants, while being simpler to pronounce and spell.

You can always tell people the baby is named after a star that represents a sheep gambolling in a field; however vegetarians may not be able to get past the fact that the Arabs were looking up at the star and thinking, “Yum yum yum”.

Serpens is visible in Australia in the middle of winter, and its stars are not easy to see.

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