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In the Philippines, incitement for cybersex can fall under human trafficking statutes. Under the law, offenders can be sent to prison for between 15 years and life.

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A Pervasive Problem She knows that cybersex has become a hidden source of income for the poorest of the poor in the Philippines in recent years, a business worth billions — and one in which anyone with an Internet connection and a Web camera can get involved.

In areas where there is no tourism, like her small city, it’s the only form of prostitution.

In fact, Gairanod would rather not get out of the car.

During the tour, she occasionally points to a hut and shouts bits and pieces of a story over the music playing in her car.

The clip shows three girls lying naked on a bed in their hut. The video, shot in Gairanod’s city, not far from her office, is three years old.

It’s February 2014, she says after showing the video.

Cybersex is a big business in a city on the Filipino island of Cebu.

To escape poverty, parents force their children to strip in front of webcams.

The problem is a product of the unusual confluence of poverty and an excellent digital infrastructure that is especially pronounced in Southeast Asia.

In 2013, Asia had 1.3 billion Internet users, the largest number of any region worldwide.

But the production of cybersex videos continued on mobile devices, smartphones and i Pads, which connect to the Internet using Wi Fi. She steers her car past children playing in the sand and mangy dogs scavenging in a pile of garbage.

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