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She is one of the children born to Darlene and Skylar Ora Montgomery, ages 59 and 57 respectively. Nowadays, they live together in Perrier St in uptown New Orleans.

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“I’d get lynched if I didn’t.” And if he doesn’t charm the Vaudeville into submission – including Barbara Windsor on the opening night - it won’t be for lack of sheer inexhaustible stage charisma.

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Northwestern Bahamas Sunday afternoon as a Category 5 and descended with fury - snapping trees, ripping the roofs off of homes with 185mph winds and 220mph gusts, and sending waves crashing onto the street.

Just Jim Dale played to hoots of approving laughter for 12 weeks in New York.

There was no Carry On material, but Dale has written some for London. “That would be like solitary confinement,” he says.

The truth was that you can’t work at the National Theatre and expect to have Wednesday matinees off to do the film. Not a hard decision.” He’d already played a couple of Shakespeare clowns at the Edinburgh Festival. Olivier loved him, dubbing Dale “God's gift to Shakespeare comedies”. “Working with Paul, you wanted to run up and join him onstage. With Larry you saw the cogs working.” But it was in New York that he found an audience that truly appreciated his talents as an old-fashioned showman. ” mused Frank Rich in his New York Times review of Barnum.

Later he starred in the likes of Joe Egg, Me and My Girl, Candide and The Threepenny Opera.

So it’s a bit of a turn-up that, months shy of his 80th birthday, he has booked himself in for a run in the West End. But there aren’t that many left who remember me from those days.” Indeed if you’re under 60 these credits won’t mean much.

But Dale has enjoyed a rich full career that reads like a history of post-war entertainment.

I had no idea about the relationship that Sid [James] had with Barbara [Windsor].

Kenneth Williams was probably one of my better friends although he was a real sod at times.” “He’d say, ‘Peter Butterworth hates your guts, you know that, don’t you?

Then television landed in the nation’s living room and music hall went into a rapid decline.

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