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Scorpio Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Dania Ramirez was enrolled at the Montclair State University and graduated in 2001.

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After giving birth to twins, Dania enlisted the help of personal trainer Bobby Fournier of to get her body in the best shape possible.

Fournier devised full body workouts to get most out of her busy schedule.

Actress Dania Ramirez and her husband, filmmaker John “Bev” Land, have put their home in the Norma Triangle area of West Hollywood up for sale at $1.799 million.

The Spanish-style house, built in 1935, features coved barrel ceilings, peg-and-groove hardwood floors and French doors that open to a central courtyard with built-in seating and a fountain feature.

If I didn't like you, you'd get that side of me." Then she gives me that hearty laugh, so I guess I'm all right.

Being in a relationship, being discriminated against, just learning about different kinds of lesbians. There are certain lesbians who just want to have a best friend and love her forever, and then there are some lesbians who just want to get laid and keep it moving. There's a real story there, and there are interesting issues for these people about not being accepted in life. DR: The eye patch is a little dated and cheesy, don't you think? At one point, I had purple bangs and jet-black hair. The full body workouts also ensured that she was performing cardio while lifting weights.Also, her workouts ranged from moderate to high intensity. She has revealed that getting in her workout gear for her Pilates sessions makes her feel like a warrior. I can still respect that you've been honest." (Got that, men? "Honesty hurts people's feelings," she continues, warming to a favorite subject. I'd rather you be honest with me always, even if you make me angry with your honesty.Then to the beach: Cap Cana, she says, is "8 miles of virgin white sand and coconut trees growing out of the water." Virgins and beaches?

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