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The rankings allows for 'charts' which I've started working on but is not complete.Text formatting: the user description, upload description and editor picks now have text formatting (bold, italic, urls, etc.) I've tested it on Firefox and IE on Windows, Firefox and Safari on Mac and it seems to be holding up.

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To create a new language set (logged in as administrator): 1. Select the check box ' Enable' and click ' Submit' 3. (assuming it all works) To see the new language in action: 1. select your new language from the drop down, click ' Submit' Let me know what's broken. support so that we can customize Open Clip Art Library? Inkscape ( Open Clip Art Library ( Creative Commons ( San Francisco Art Institute (edu) few more bug fixes as reported by users... * mixter-files/1.5: typos * cclib/1.32: bugfix: subtle but scary change to upload queries to honor contest_publish bit fix: it's Megabytes, not megabit * mixter-lib/1.5: bugfix: unclosed tag (IE download was broken) * cclib/1.14: fix: it's Megabytes, not megabit * cclib/1.7: * cctemplates/upload_1.2: fix: only one zip file per record was being displayed VS been chasing down a couple bugs that came up with the performance checkin.

VS Awesome Victor, we had some DDo S style problems from a user over the weekend so missed many of these changes until now. Jon -- Jon Phillips San Francisco, CA USA PH 510.499.0894 [email protected] (All optimizations are turned on at mixter, the remix listing and artist's profile pages should benefit the most) VS 2006-02-27 fourstones * cclib/1.15: bugfix: missing argument to getting pool remixes * ccextras/1.3: added form tip help for formatted text boxes * mixter-lib/1.2: bugfix: names were chopping at wrong times * mixter-lib/1.3: bugfix: jeez, typo in last checkin * mixter-lib/1.4: bugfix: rules overlapped tags div * cclib/1.31: code feature: needed a way for optimized rendering code to get at current template arguments 2006-02-26 [email protected]

- shortly after that I'll finish coding the charts module, now made possible by all the cached stats we'll have floating around.

******** WARNING to cc Host users: The structure of the XML templates has changed.

* Change Log 1.17: * ccextras/1.2: * cclib/1.20: * cctemplates/1.1: * 1.11: Turned on caching of feeds and also updated new music search feed. TXT 1.3: added copy of COPYING because it is listed everywhere in the documentation * Change Log 1.20: * ccextras/1.5: * cctemplates/1.4: Updated Change Log for the big merge.

* Change Log 1.19: * ccextras/1.2: * cclib/1.21: * cctemplates/1.2: Hopefully last round of fixes for dumper.Admin use ' Global Settings' menu to determine if they want all users or just admins (or nobody) to have formatting turned on.For now, the fields actually eligible for formatting are hard-coded into PHP, someday, when I get around to it I'll make this an admin option.* Change Log 1.30: * README 1.4: Added 3 patches by Bryce Harrington and cleaned up a couple. 2006-02-13 fourstones * ccfiles/pool_api_1.2: fixed typos, added example urls * ccextras/1.2: bugfix: couldn't undo nsfw 2006-02-12 fourstones * ccextras/1.1: * cctemplates/1.26: * cctemplates/1.46: nsfw * ccfiles/pool_api_1.1: * mixter-files/pool_api_1.1: sample pool api docs 2006-02-10 fourstones * cctemplates/remix_1.5: * cctemplates/1.25: bugfix: remix search results overlapped search fields * cclib/1.17: * cclib/1.13: new feedreader * cclib/1.7: honoring full dump * ccextras/1.10: removed deadwood * cclib/1.19: added Parse W3cdtf Date for feed parsing * cclib/1.25: nuked magpie references * cclib/1.28: bugfix: mixing licenses wasn't working (todo: dual lics) * cclib/1.8: * cclib/1.1: magpie feedreader replacement * ccextras/1.4: * cclib/cc-phpbb21.32: snoopy moved * cclib/snoopy/Snoopy.1.1: snoopy 2006-02-09 fourstones * ccextras/1.2: now caching results to file * mixter-files/1.2: headline is now coming from code * cclib/1.30: bugfix: (hidden) prepend was repeating every file prop edit 2006-02-08 fourstones * ccextras/1.1: * mixter-files/1.1: first pass at stats * cctemplates/1.27: removed BR tag from feed links, this might break some skins * cclib/1.24: bugfix: default feed link confused 'remixes-of' feed links * cctemplates/1.24: tweeked feed button * cctemplates/1.23: removed embarrasing hack for feed-buttons * cclib/1.29: removed deadwood that shouldn't have been checked in * cclib/cc-phpbb21.31: bugfix: default feed confused forum feed bugfix: admin change password crashed * cctemplates/atom_101.3: validating tweaks * ccextras/1.9: made audio tag default 2006-02-07 fourstones * cclib/1.6: feature: feed caching now an admin option bugfix: only empty feeds were being cached added: raw-feed-url for atom self links 2006-02-03 fourstones * cclib/1.20: * mixter-files/1.2: * mixter-files/1.5: bugfix: streams for radio not playing * ccextras/1.8: * cclib/1.5: * cclib/1.18: * cctemplates/1.2: * cctemplates/atom_101.2: * cctemplates/rss_201.9: fixed name collision on date defines, made others more readable * cclib/1.28: bugfix: default feed tag need to be optional 2006-02-02 fourstones * cclib/1.23: now every feed on a site has some feed (based on admin config) * cctemplates/1.19: added bogus filename.m3u so i Tunes and clones will work * cclib/1.2: removed dead code, calling newly refactored feed generator * cclib/1.27: added 'default feed tag' option, invoking page-render event right before template generation * cctemplates/atom_101.1: atom 1 support * cctemplates/rss_201.8: now validating * cclib/1.41: new render page event, sent right before page template is called * cclib/1.4: continued refactoring feed processing * ccimages/feed-icon16x161.1: * ccimages/feed-icon32x321.1: * cctemplates/1.22: new feed button 2006-02-02 kidproto * in 1.1: i can't believe this is not in cvs yet * Change Log 1.26: * Change Log 1.27: * Change Log 1.28: update changelog * Change Log 1.25: testing commits 2006-01-31 fourstones * cclib/1.19: * mixter-files/1.4: had to make a stream/radio url for linux players 2006-01-30 fourstones * cclib/1.17: * mixter-files/1.3: radio features * cclib/1.18: bugfix: same promo was coming up instead of rotation * mixter-files/1.5: bugfix: link to cc was bad 2006-01-29 fourstones * cclib/1.15: admin feature: created 'add menu item' url * mixter-files/1.2: better station layout * cctemplates/ccmixter/1.1: * cctemplates/1.26: * cctemplates/1.21: * mixter-files/1.4: project of gif * cclib/1.33: feature: tag limit to user listing 2006-01-28 fourstones * mixter-files/1.1: mixter radio 2006-01-24 kidproto * bin/data_1.3: fix it jonny * cclib/1.3: fix that feed boy * bin/data_1.2: fix it up for ..broke!* cclib/1.2: Update * Change Log 1.24: * bin/README 1.2: * bin/data_1.1: * ccextras/1.7: * cctemplates/1.6: Update to the way things are dumped post-gentoo server troubles..(This is how I updated cc Mixter tonight.) The translation language support did go in 100%, if that's blocking someone let me know immediately because this week is going to be somewhat crazy with cc Mixter specific stuff.

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