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The vast litigation on the general sub- ject forces itself upon the attention of the Bench and Bar of the whole country, to whom this treatise is now respectfully dedicated and submitted. Personal rights and privileges not disposable would not be liable to execution under any circumstances. These statutes and rulings will be treated hereafter.' Such interests are proper subjects of exemption; and that they are exempted in certain states, in the interest of families or whomever the legislator has made beneficiaries, is all that he and the courts have meant when classifying such interests with homesteads. They would be lost by the execution of that on which they rest, if not re- 1 Mr. In the absence of exemption, such interests would be liable to execution for the debts of their owners : so their protection from it may be conducive to the welfare of the debtor's family ; but there can be no home in a mere in- terest, as there are no atoms in ideas. Homestead is a growing subject, of great importance to the whole country, and especially to the states and territories which have statutes upon it — and nearly all have them. ^ an early one, in which it is said: "The leading idea upon which the constitution and statutes are predicated is the protection of the family, and not the exemption of a cer- tain amount of real estate."- Expressions, in other cases, favoring a different policy, when unnecessary to the decree, may be passed as ohiter dicta. (1) Projjerty hahitable: The purpose of the legislator is ef- fected by exemption and by restraint upon the jus disponendi by sale or will. It is property — not merely a privilege respecting it, or an indisposable right in it, or a ^'wa^s^'-estate not proprietar}'' or transferable — which the law exempts. served; and, under some circumstances, they have been re- served in sales of homesteads.^ They are benefits inseparably connected with the homestead, but they do not constitute it. It must be something habitable as a family dwelling-house — whatever the appurtenances and the extent of land exempt with it.

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Posted by: Jude The Presidential election is underway today in Honduras.

Very little thanks to the Obama administration, which has treated our poor neighbor like a banana republic, ignoring the Honduran constitution - and virtually all of Honduras' governing bodies - while threatening to not recognize the results of today's election unless the criminal Chavez crony, "Mel" Zelaya were reinstated.

Below is a historical listing of University of Arkansas Beta Gamma Sigma members, dating back to 1932.

Beta Gamma Sigma is the academic honor society for business administration students.

Smyth ; and as they are kindred subjects, I have given the exemption of personalty such space as it seemed to require.

The chapter on the homestead laws of the United States completes the treatise. By having the statutes cited in connection with decisions turning upon them the profession will readily see the bearing of judicial constructions, and will understand that many of the seeming conflicts are attributable to legislation rather than to the courts.

In following the plan of the principal topic, as shown in the accompanying dia- gram, I have treated settled questions with brevity by stating the points and citing the authorities ; but in dealing with the numerous new questions arising in the last fifteen years, es- pecially those out of the ordinary, I have found it necessary to present positions more elaborately, to give the statutes with the constructive decisions, and sometimes to follow them with a running commentary.

The purpose has been to reduce this very statutory subject to' a degree of system, so far as the several state statutes approach uniformity.

It was founded in 1913 and chartered on the University of Arkansas campus in 1932.

Invitations to membership in the society may only be issued to the college's most outstanding students.

Chattel exemption, as well as homestead, has given the books a great accumulation of cases.

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