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Some 2003 DCs some 2008 R2 DCs A user (The QA analyst) requested that he is able to change his time and it not be changed back after 5-10 minutes.

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If Windows is configured with the wrong time and date, lots of strange and unpredictable behavior can occur.

For example, browsers will state that web site certificates are invalid, Windows Update may not work properly, or you may receive alerts that Windows needs to activate again.

If you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows Vista you then need to first double-click on the time and then click on the option labeled Change date and time settings.... You should now be at a screen similar to the ones below where you can change your date and time.

Simply change your date and time at the above screens and then click on the OK button.

I went to the services panel of the Windows, located "" and set it to auto-boot, as it was disabled in the start-up previously.

I shut down my computer and started it again after 15 minutes but it was again showing the last boot time (15 minutes ago). Reset all time-related settings to default and reboot.

after version/build 3040 was released, I've noticed a problem with the last scan date not being updated correctly - for most scans.

The Computer scan button does seem to update the date scanned.

The user may have problems getting group policy updates and may have issues authenticating (but that can be fixed with a time reset and reboot) You will have to: If the time is off authentication to Network Resources will fail.

If the user logs off with the time out of sync all domain authentication for that computer will fail.

Regardless of the reason, it is important for the proper operation of Windows that it is set to the correct time.

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