Dating a commercial airline pilot

I am just wondering what challenges anyone has faced dating a pilot?I know they are gone 3 to 4 days out of a week, which probably won't be a problem for me.So, why do you want to a date pilot if there are so many obstacles?

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I have met an airline pilot, and have considered going on a date with him.

He was short and heavyset with a heart condition not exactly Brad Pitt.

Also I hope this is someone you know who lives in the US.

A lot of people don't realize that pilots make really crappy money.

My nephew's first gig out of college paid him an average of 12 bucks an hour I don't think he makes much more than that now after 5 yrs. I mean really who cares if you can do what you love but the ego things drives me nuts. Never dated one but do have two friends that are flight attendants (one for Air Canada and one for Qatar Air) and conversations regarding pilots seem to always include the words "serial cheaters" and "conceited".

Didn't stick around long enough to see how big his ego got once he became pilot instead of co. I don't know anything about pilots in general, all I can say is my nephew has an ego the size of a 747.

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