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The only thing that saves you when things go bad are good habits and good training. The problem is sometimes bad things just happen really fast and you don't see them coming.

When this happens you better not have your hands in your pockets. This is a very hard question regarding Black Lives Matter. That's easy "Yes" but it's in response to active shooters and terrorist attacks and all the other violence that feels like it wont go away.

If your not capable of violence you can't be a cop.

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The funny thing is Dad always remembers me but Mom can never quite place where she knows me from. I almost drowned trying to save a women who had already drowned. Swamp grass was caught in my duty belt and I remember thinking that I Fucked up and now I was going to drown.

Then I realized that if that happened I would never see my son again. That made me mad, the thought of not seeing him again and I got out of it with the help of two other officers.

Do you chock all of them up to being a "work mistake?

" Or, since I live close to where it happened, Kelly Thomas being beaten to death.

I decided to have some fun with him, so pretending to be offended I asked him in a loud clear voice "what makes you think your dumb enough to be a cop?

" He snapped to attention and yelled "I just completed 4 years in the Marine Corps Sir! The truth is I have not seen much of this in my career but I'm really fortunate to work in an agency with fewer than average issues.

It's more what I do than who I am but over time law enforcement becomes part of who you are, there's nothing you can do about that.

Violence is regrettably part of being a police officer.

Then he asked my partner and I if he could ask us a question.

I said sure, and the driver asked what he could do to become a police officer.

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