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Maybe he should have just stopped at 2 because he was “cursed”.

Separated men don’t typically fare well on online dating sites.

I am almost 21 years old and I have only dated one woman in my life and I dated her for 4 years. I’ve asked out several women since then, and they all rejected me.

Just a few months ago I moved to Florida, and I’ve asked out two women and they both said no to me, too. I feel scared to ask out any other women for fear of being rejected.

Seriously, bro, you’ve asked out TWO women in Florida who weren’t interested – and now you’re afraid you’re cursed?

By extension, a baseball player who hasn’t gotten a hit in his first two at-bats must fear he’ll never get a hit again.He was so NOT concerned with what anyone thought because it was HIS place; he could do no wrong. Make the world your place, Alex, and women are going to want to hang out there.3) Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different ways before inventing the light bulb. And if you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “This makes sense, but HOW do I make these changes to develop more confidence and perspective? You’re probably a lot closer to success than you even realize. An oncologist who has lost two patients to cancer must consider hanging up his scrubs. I’m a guy who had to ask out three people before he got a prom date; a guy who didn’t lose his virginity until his sophomore year in college; a guy who didn’t have a relationship over a year until he got married.And someone who is unemployed and sent out two resumes without a response should pretty much resign himself to a lifetime of unemployment. This stuff doesn’t come naturally to lots of folks, which is precisely why I still have a job.This is very common (especially for women, who should reread that last sentence.)Instead of hoping that the opposite sex suddenly starts appreciating you, your focus should be on understanding what the opposite sex finds attractive and making small steps to becoming that person.

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