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Baseball, if that’s what they mean by “America’s pastime,” never faced an existential threat from bloated minor league salaries. While MLB is squeezing every last dime out of 20-year-old pro athletes who sleep in closets and live on PB&J, the NBA is giving its minor leaguers a raise.

Next season, G League players will earn ,000 per year, plus benefits, constituting a raise of 84 percent for some players.

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Apart from Mariners pitcher Mike Leake, who went straight from Arizona State to the big leagues, and a few Japanese and Korean veterans, every player in MLB spent at least some time in the minors.

The G League, however, has only been around since 2001, in which time it has ballooned from eight teams to 27.

But because of the way the rule is worded, a team can wring an extra year of control out of a player by leaving him in the minors for the first two weeks of the season.

This has been common knowledge since at least 2015, when the Cubs sent an obviously-ready Kris Bryant back down to the minors to work on …

This is the reason why high draft picks get big signing bonuses, to make up for the microscopically small amount of money they are making.

Just to give you an example, Kyle Johnson (Triple-A New York Mets Left Fielder) is only making ,400 a month; he doesn't get paid during the offseason, and there is no overtime pay.

That's about 6 months of pay being that Triple-A plays about 140 games per season.

Kyles total pay for this season would be about ,400.

Single-A players are in most cases the least paid players, being that Single-A is the bottom of the MLB food chain, but most minor leaguers make under minimum wage.

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