Dating a republican

“More often than not, I’m seeing people saying, ‘Swipe left if you voted for Trump,’” Spiria said, referring to the practice on the mobile dating app Tinder of rejecting a potential match.

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“The Trump era has increased us-against-them thinking, bragging, being angry and creating your own reality,” he said. ’” Recent data from the dating site, however, offer hope that love conquers all, including the partisan divide. Establish a certain period – say, 15 minutes – to talk politics and keep track with a timer. “It will upset your partner by seeing your opinion publicly,” Spira said. Pretending like you don’t have different political views is not the answer. “Have a healthy debate on a particular subject because that one particular subject, you might actually agree on.

“It’s made people more narrow in who they will date. Roughly seven in 10 singles in’s “Singles in America” study said they would cross party lines to date, and singles were more apathetic about a partner’s voting habits last year compared to 2015. When time’s up, shift to another topic or activity you both enjoy.

Politics went from being rarely discussed to causing a major schism between the liberal Spira and her partner, who wished President Donald Trump a happy birthday on social media.

The couple –who had fallen in love at first sight, spent seven years together, broken up and then re-connected — went their separate ways shortly after Inauguration Day.

Narrowed to those who vote regularly or donate or volunteer for political campaigns, 70 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of Republicans expressed fear of the other party, according to Pew.

That division carries over into the dating world, said Bill Eddy, a mediator and president of the San Diego-based High Conflict Institute.

Since July 2016, women’s interest in politics rose more than 43 percent, according to the matchmaking site e Harmony, and men who mention politics in their profile get 12.9 percent of their matches to start talking as opposed to 4.9 percent for those who don’t.

After Election Day 2016 and Inauguration Day last year, e Harmony saw a 35 percent increase in membership.

Christian Cafe is a clearly a place to meet conservatives in our eyes.

It has the highest concentration of conservative men and women looking for someone to date or marry.

Partisan antipathy reached new heights leading to Trump’s election.

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