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The people wearing fur coats loudly exclaiming "do you know who I am?!

" were almost the lowest class because locals truly didn't care.

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Any chance that I get to say "no" like if the waiter asks me if I need another drink, or if they ask me if I want another item off the menu after dessert, I just say "No, I'm very full.

Thank you" She's not spoiled and she's hard working.

I often starved and missed out on fun trips and felt like a leech off my friends all the time for this.

Anyways after i got my BA and one semester of MA i got a good job that paid enough to get my own apartment and pay for all my own stuff.

Every once awhile she’d pick up the entirety of a bill that we were supposed to split but she always found a way to make sure I didn’t feel down about it. Her dad was a prominent lawyer, her mom a successful artist, and her uncle was a 1980's pop star. Yes they had a big ass old house and drove quality (not overly flashy) cars.

I don’t think she ever once bought me an expensive gift. Yes they had whatever they wanted but not at all in a "look at me" type way. I mean in the early 90's grunge was a blessing for me because I looked like that already.

I've got a problem where it's very hard for me to let people spend money on me.

I can't even take from my mom without feeling guilty and then these people have in some cases spent close to 0 just on me for dinner!

I'd guess her parents are worth around 10 mill but her grandparents have even more money.

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