Dating a shy leo man 4ddating com

For example, if you were to dream about rats, he believed there was (potential) spiritual meaning behind the imagery.

Jung also helped people to better understand their personalities through the unconventional. And for what it is worth, Jung was a Leo man, born July 26.

Before we dive too deep, I need to be upfront with you and share that I’m not an astrologer or psychic.

Instead, I’m just a man who has studied psychology with a deep interest in the psycho-spiritual.

In the general sense, many Leo men are self-focused.

Please don’t confuse this with being a narcissist because the two terms aren’t the same.

In other words, the more we feel adorned, the more we’re going to respond like wild, uninhibited beasts.

Leos, perhaps more than any other sign, are charming.

Long ago, I learned not to question why I am drawn to this topic.

Instead, I’ve simply accepted it as a gift from the universe.

When making love to a Leo man, you are going to feel intensity.

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